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The Best of Luang Prabang 5 days

 It is hard to say what the best of Luang Prabang is as there are plenty of choices that can make you confused. This tour will offer you some of them including the Baci Ceremony, the unique tradition of Laos; the sunset cruise along the Mekong, which may take your breath away admiring the sun setting over the mountain and Mekong River; the Shangri Lao experience, and the stay the Lao Spirit Resort, which give you the chance to exploring and living in the nature of Laos is also what make your trip unforgettable.








The Best of Luang Prabang 5 days


On arrival at the airport, you will be met and transferred to check in the hotel. You are free before transferring to a local family to enjoy a private Baci ceremony after sunset. The Baci ceremony as a traditional ritual of the Lao people expresses the spirituality of the country and is a highly memorable experience and a deep insight into Lao culture for the participants.

We then transfer back to the city center to have the first taste of Lao foods at one of the best restaurant in Luang Prabang

The tour ends after a visit to the famous Night Market, where you can find a lovely collection of handmade textiles made by local and hilltribe people surrounding Luang Prabang. Overnight in Luang Prabang


An optional early start gives you the fantastic opportunity to participate in the daily morning rituals of saffron-clad monks collecting offerings of Alms (ubiquitous sticky rice) from the faithful residents. This tradition is very unique in Laos, being the only Buddhist nation still preserving the procession. From there, we will take a short visit to the morning local market near the Royal Palace. At the market, you can find anything from rice, to fresh vegetables, to steamed fish, frogs, and anything else that might be the day’s catch, just set up on the ground, this is what the locals do every day. This is really the chance for you to get a real flavor of the local culture.

After breakfast, we visit Royal Palace Museum, which hosts a range of interesting artifacts.  Our next stop in the city is the magnificent Wat Xiengthong with its roofs sweeping low to the ground, which represents classical Laotian architecture. We will also take a look at the Traditional Art & Ethonology Center to learn about the many Lao ethnic groups. We then visit Wat Visoun, dating back to 1513 during the reign of King Wisunarat (Visoun), this is Luang Prabang’s oldest temple and was once home to the Prabang Buddhas.

Laos is also known for its traditional crafts, and today you will visit local villages of Lao ethnic minority groups at Ban Ouay, a Hmong village, Ban Ou a Laoloum village and Ban Thapene, a Khmu village.  This then takes us to the beautiful Kuang Si Waterfall where you can cool off with a refreshing swim in the pools or walk along the forest trails.

Before returning to Luang Prabang, we stop to visit the Kuang Si Falls Butterfly Park (closed on Tuesday), one of the must-visit spots, newly opened on January 2014.

Late afternoon, we will transfer to the boat pier to board on the Nava Mekong for the cruise along the Mekong River to admire the sun setting over the mountains. The authentic Lao lunch will be served on board together with some traditional Lao music and dance.

We arrive back in the city at around 08:00PM, transfer to your hotel. Overnight in Luang Prabang


8:00 – 8:30 am:  Your tour begins when your English speaking guide picks you up at your hotel in Luang Prabang city

•           Transfer by VIP van to the Shangri-Lao Explorer Camp, 15 km outside of Luang Prabang.

•           Upon arrival, stow your luggage at the reception and receive an introductory tour of the elephant camp.  Your guide will teach you about elephants.  You may talk with our veterinarian, feed the elephants or relax by the riverside.

•           Start the adventure with a 5 km elephant ride through forests and over hills to the hidden Huay Sae Valley in the same way Dr. Neis did over a century ago.

•           After reaching the protected Huay Sae Valley, you will leave the elephants and enjoy a luxury lunch of traditional Lao food with wine by a secluded waterfall.  Depending on the water level you may swim in the cool, natural pools.

•           Continue with a 5 km trek on foot.  The adventurous trail crosses bamboo bridges and passes waterfalls with blue pools and dense jungle.

•           Down at the Nam Khan River, a luxury bamboo raft is waiting your arrival to take you back to the elephant camp.  Slowly float downstream during a relaxing 5 km river journey and enjoy a coffee as you relax and watch the traditional village life of farmers and fishermen along the river.  Take the option of a 30 minute visit to the beautiful Tad Sae Waterfall.

•           In the late afternoon you will arrive at the camp where your luxury tent is ready for check-in. Spend the rest of the day at the jacuzzi swimming pool or go for a walk with your guide to visit a local village.

•           In the evening a delicious barbeque dinner will be served under the starry sky.

•           Retire for the night in your luxury tent which will touch all of your senses with its unique decor and surroundings.


•           The day begins with breakfast on the riverside while the sun slowly rises over the mountains.  The remote villages are springing to life as you watch the villagers put small boats into the river, tend to their fields, take their children to school or wash their clothes in the river.

•           After breakfast your guide will introduce you to your elephant and it’s time for your Mahout training.  Bond with her as you receive your basic training to be a mahout.  With real hands-on experience you may climb onto your elephant and control her riding bareback on her neck.

•           After your mahout training you will ride your elephant bareback to the river where you bathe her and guide her through the river back to camp – an unforgettable and once in a lifetime experience!

•           Back at the camp, help your mahout to put on the howdah seat on your elephant, before saying good-bye and thank you by offering her some delicious bananas.  Your guide will also teach you more about the relationship between mahouts and elephants.

•           At 11:30am it is time to check out of your luxury tent.

•           Then enjoy your lunch by the riverside or on the deck of the Jacuzzi swimming pool.

•           In the afternoon, you may stroll through the nearby village and visit the small temple with your guide.  Experience the local lifestyle in the remote village and learn about the ethnic groups of Laos.

4:30 – 5:00 pm leave the camp and return by VIP van to Luang Prabang city where your guide will drop you off at your hotel (30 – 45 minute travel time).


You are free to stroll around the resort for your own exploration before transferring back to the city and 


The Best of Luang Prabang 5 days

What is a private tour?

A private tour is run exclusively for you, your own families or friends with no other strangers.  You may choose an ideal pre-made private tour on our website.  Alternatively, we can customize an itinerary in line with your specific wishes. In particular, you will benefit from the following advantages:

+ Start the tour on any date at your convenience.
+ Choose the tour length as long as your schedule and budget allow.
+ Plan the tour with hotels and sightseeing spots that you are specifically interested in.
+ You may order the dishes you want .
+ Experienced guides and skillful drivers in each city offer services are provided for your exclusive use.
+ Travel at your own pace that flexibly fits your travel style.
+ Ideal for those who need special assistance, such as the elderly, people with disabilities or families with small children.


We offer a complete package tour that covers all expenses excluding the cost of international flight ticket. Our tour prices vary depending on:

+ Travel period: prices tend to be higher in peak season (March, April, November, and December) than in low season (May, June, September).

+ Number of travelers: The more people in your group travel, the less you pay.

+ Hotel quality: If you choose a 5-star hotel, you will surely have to pay more than a stay in a 3-star hotel.

+ Booking date: Early bird booking can help you save a great deal than last minute booking.

To have more information about your trip’s quote, simply click the link “personalize your trip” at the bottom of the page and our sales team member will contact you shortly. This service is completely free of charge and requires no commitment to buy.

Booking process:

Step 1: Select a tour
You may choose a pre-made tour on our website. However, if you prefer to customize the tour in your own way, simply click “personalize this tour” at the bottom of the page. A form will appear and requires you to fill in all fields. After the form is successfully sent, one of our sales team members will contact you within 2 working days.

Step 2: Book a tour
If you agree on the proposed quote, you are kindly requested to send us the confirmation mail and we will proceed accordingly. It is our duty to reserve all the services related to your trip such as hotels, restaurants, domestic flights, toURIt guides and so on. We will contact you once again to make sure that the program fits your travel needs. Should you agree on it, a temporary contract will be issued as a written commitment between you and Amica.  Consequently, you are kindly requested to deposit 25 % of the trip’s total cost that can be paid by credit card, check or money order.


Although tips are not compulsory in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, it is an etiquette to offer something for those such as your drivers or waiters for their services during the trip.


There are a variety of accommodation options in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. You can choose from an economic, unrated hotel to an exceptionally luxurious resort and those in between. For your convenience, it is recommended that you stay in a small, authentic, family-run hotel rather than big and crowded one.


Our great cars are from popular brands such as Toyota, Ford, and Mercedes. They are all brand new, modern and air-conditioned. Below is our standards chart:

Number of travellers

2 travellers

3 travellers

4 to 7 travellers

8 to 15 travellers

16 to 20 travellers

Type of vehicle

vehicle of 4 or 7 seated

Vehicle of 7 to 16 seated

Vehicle of 12 to 16 seated

Vehicle of 24 or 30 seated

Vehicle of 35 to 45 seated


With a valid passport, 2 identity pictures and a fee of 10$, you can easily get an entry visa to Cambodia and Laos upon arrival. If you choose to stop in Vietnam, you must either get a visa from your home country prior to your departure or request an entry permit to obtain visa on arrival which costs 25 dollars. For the second option, we will provide all the necessary documents to help you obtain the visa on arrival.



The Best of Luang Prabang 5 days



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Best Time To Visit Vietnam

Best Time To Visit Vietnam

Best Time To Visit Vietnam

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Why? The different weather patterns from the North to the South of Vietnam give each month in the year an advantage.



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Visa on arrival in Vietnam

Visa to visit Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia

Visa to visit Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia

For our clients who need a visa to enter Vietnam

Agenda Tour Offir for all its customers the administrative costs of the prior approval of Visa on arrival in Vietnam. This means that customers can prepare only 25 usd / person for the printing costs of visa and 2 photos Identities…

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